11-year old nihilist

I grew up about 10 miles from a US Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) base. In November 1983, the TV movie “The Day After” was released, and for whatever reason I and a group of other kids were sat down to watch it at church. I can’t really say whether it scared me or not. By that time—I was 11—I was already pretty well resigned to the fact that if there was a nuclear war, we were on the list of first sites that the Russkies would take out. It was, in fact, a comfort as I recall. No nuclear winter, no bomb shelter, no starvation in a mutant-infested wasteland. Just sweet, instant annihilation.

I was pretty sure I’d be able to put that behind me after 1991. I can’t believe that almost 30 years later I have to think about it again.

Sweet fucking Christ this WaPo article.

Also, background: