Science Schmience

Lab cabinets made in Athens GA headed to the Marine Institute on Sapelo Island. Dozens of people have work to do because scientists have funding.

I’m sitting in my living room this evening on 12 February with the doors and windows open, wearing a t-shirt. I’m feeling particularly feisty about climate science denial, and science denial in general. Today I decided to poke at my congressional representative on Twitter about the recently passed House bill that is designed to stifle science research by restricting National Science Foundation grants.

I took the photo that accompanies this post at work, outside the cabinetmaking shop that supplies custom cabinets to all of the labs at the university. I asked the foreman why there were so many in the hallway, and he told me they were about to get shipped out to a new (or maybe renovated) lab at the Marine Institute on Sapelo Island. It made me think about all of the people involved in a project like this from start to finish: architects, interior designers, engineers, woodworkers, wood finishers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, not to mention the many support staff who procure materials, pay for them, pay the workers, and deliver the finished product. None of this would have happened if some researchers didn’t have funding to support the work that necessitates a new lab.