Jason Perry Design

Rustic Wood Guitar Stands

guitar stand with Martin D-18 I have made several of these, and I hope to do more. I design the guitar stands around a Martin D-18 acoustic, but most guitars should fit, even an electric bass. These stands are quite sturdy, and I use durable hemp twine to wrap the parts that support the guitar and to make the security strap. I welcome requests for custom features or stands for other instrument types (banjo, ukelele, saxophone, etcetera).

The base price is $100 (plus NYS sales tax if applicable), and custom features may cost more. Please contact me to make arrangements.

For those who wish to take their stand on the road, I have developed a way to make the guitar stands easy to break down for transport. The rear legs and the neck yoke are secured with bamboo cross-pins that pass through their round mortise joints. By withdrawing the pins, the yoke and legs can easily be separated from the frame. The pins (which are made from bamboo chopsticks) have hemp lanyards to keep them from getting lost. This option adds $10 to the price of a stand. I highly recommend this option for mail orders, as it will save money in shipping costs.

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