Farmington, Georgia, November 13, 2022

Trip to Macon with Scott

My buddy Scott and I took an overnight trip to Macon one weekend to ride bikes and poke around. Macon is dramatically de-populated compared to its industrial days, so there are ridiculously wide streets and deserted roads all over the place.…
An attractive person in a white bike helmet and mirrored cateye sunglasses smiles while eating a hot pepper.Jason Perry

Hot Pepper Bern

August 4, 2018, Birmingham, AL. This was at a checkpoint in a Redemptive Cycles alleycat race where participants had to eat a chile pepper to continue. I played around with the "gritty" effect on this one and like how it turned out.

An icy trip through Speyside and Glen Coe

March 2006. I had been living in Edinburgh for about a year when Christian came over from Vermont for a visit. He came bearing pickles, as requested, because in Scotland a "pickle" is some form of chutney, and gherkins are just ridiculous. After…
A man ogles a girl on a bicycle

Turning heads

Tubingen, Germany, August 2011