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Trip to Macon with Scott

My buddy Scott and I took an overnight trip to Macon one weekend to ride bikes and poke around. Macon is dramatically de-populated compared to its industrial days, so there are ridiculously wide streets and deserted roads all over the place. Perfect for exploring by bike.

11-year old nihilist

I grew up about 10 miles from a US Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) base. In November 1983, the TV movie “The Day After” was released, and for whatever reason I and a group of other kids were sat down to watch it at church. I can’t really say whether it scared me or […]

An icy trip through Speyside and Glen Coe

March 2006. I had been living in Edinburgh for about a year when Christian came over from Vermont for a visit. He came bearing pickles, as requested, because in Scotland a “pickle” is some form of chutney, and gherkins are just ridiculous. After a few days of exploring the city and filling up on kebabs […]