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Like a windsock in a shitstorm.

My year on the Slow Carb Diet

A year ago this week I started following the Slow Carb Diet as presented by Tim Ferriss. I am about 15 pounds lighter now than I was then, though my medical records from Fall 2011 suggest I’ve lost about 20 … Read More


An icy trip through Speyside and Glen Coe

March 2006. I had been living in Edinburgh for about a year when Christian came over from Vermont for a visit. He came bearing pickles, as requested, because in Scotland a “pickle” is some form of chutney, and gherkins are … Read More


New old photos teaser

I’ve been sitting on some negatives from 2005 and 2006 that I never scanned, printed, or published.  I’ve dusted off the old CanoScan FS4000 (still working since 2000) and have gotten to work in the digital darkroom to finally bring … Read More

a bike locked to a rack

Athens’ Five Points needs better (bike) parking

Here’s an interesting story: I am partly responsible for the bike rack that currently sits in front of Earth Fare. The old one, sort of a slinky to which you could only lock one wheel (though a long cable lock … Read More

aerial view of ATL parking deck

What the hell, ATL?

On a recent visit to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport I had occasion to park on the upper level of the South Terminal hourly parking deck. Despite the blazing sun, all of the outdoor parking lights were on (and, I’ll note, they … Read More